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  • Oreo started graffiti very young but it's only when he arrived in Paris that serious things began: walls, tunnels and metros become his playground. It is at this time that he met Eyone, creator of the Parisian graffiti group Tpk, which introduced him to the Parisian scene.

    In 2006 Oreo was launched in the customization of clothes. He took his first steps at the famous Puces de Clignancourt. For nearly ten years this self-taught artist trained to the crafts of graphic designer, serigraph and improved his technique in airbrush.

    He created Endzlab in 2009, and on this occasion invented Badassbear: iconic character who takes the form of a malicious bear. Over the years The Badassbear took different forms and evolved; it represents today a large part of the artistic work of Oreo: in the streets, on canvas or in its textile creations.

    Nowadays, Endzlab is a Barcelona-based showroom where you can find all the artist’s creations: from the pack of stickers to the art toy through a wide range of clothes in limited edition or in a single piece.

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