• Whether you need to practice, maintain yourself, workout or simply unravel the daily tensions, the Club Molitor coaches – all state graduates – are at your disposal to create a dedicated program and help you reach your physical goal.

    Molitor proposes a various amount of collective classes that will fulfill your needs.

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  • Swiss Ball

    Reinforcement class on a swiss ball

  • Bikini (silhouette)

    Muscular reinforcement based on the upper body

  • Posture By Molitor

    Muscular reinforcement based on the upper body

  • Training circuit

    Repeted and quick series of muscular reinforcement exercices

  • Pilates

    Abdominal wall and lower back reinforcement class

  • Total Abs/Bottom

    Reinforcement class based on abs and bottom workout

  • Fit Morning

    Fitness warm-up

  • Before Baby

    Session dedicated to pregnant women

  • Core training

    Cardio class based on the trunk of the body


  • Jumpfit Molitor

    Boxing lesson with mat, hands and feet with skipping rope

  • Krav Maga

    Self-defense class mixing boxing, wrestling and judo

  • Aero boxing

    Boxing class, learning of the basic moves of boxing


  • Tabata

    Training circuit in a high intensity

  • Body Impact

    Cardio reinforcement class

  • Cross training

    Mix of cardio excercices and muscular reinforcement


  • Zen by Molitor

    Stretching and relaxation

  • Sculpt Molitor

    Class based on the silhouette and deep reinforcement

  • Stretch

    Stretching sessions


  • Zumba

    Subtile mix of dance and fitness on merengue and salsa music

  • M'Ballet

    Muscular and artistic training worthy of a ballet class, in a fitness version adapted to your level


    Learning and improvement class


  • Aqua palming

    Swim fin class

  • Aqua performance

    Swimming improvement

  • Aqua boxing

    Boxing in water

  • Aqua cross fit

    Combinaison of different exercices to stimulate a maximum of muscles

  • Aqua fitness

    Muscular reinforcement in water

  • Aqua biking

    Biking in water

  • Aqua Morning

    Muscular warm-up in water

  • Aqua Trampo

    Aqua-gym and steps movements, you’ll find in this activity a draining effect

  • Aqua jogging

    Movements of running in water for a better tonus


  • Aqua kids

    Playful class in water for kids

  • Fitness kids

    Playful gymnastic class: coordination, stretching, agility and concentration