The Club Molitor

  • Welcome to the Club Molitor, 1500m² perfectly equipped and entirely dedicated to a soft or strong cardio training and workout practice. Being a member is the guaranty of a personal care by a professional team, with a global approach through sport, beauty, pleasure and discovery.

    The Club reunites all those looking for an alternative to the city rush, a second place an ideal Parisian lifestyle.

    Molitor is the perfect place to surpass oneself or simply sit back and relax.

  • The tip of the month

    You need to go slowly and not rush your muscles. Start with 2 or 3 sessions a week interspersed by a passive or active (swimming) recovery day. Once you’ve found your rhythm, you can add one session a week or increase your routine sessions.

    Emeric, fitness coach

    It's Automn !
    With the arrival of autumn and the first blows of cold, your skin becomes drier. Your lips and hands are dehydrated. Think of Clarins nourishing creams targeted with multi-regenerative lips care and essential Hydra, morning and evening.

    Stephanie Cohen Aloro, director of the Club & Spa.