The teachers

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    Aria & Gus

    Aria and Gus started teaching Power Yoga in Los Angeles a number of years ago. And there, at the home of all that is healthy and well-being, they were able to put the finishing touches to their unique discipline. Beyond the practice itself, it is a state of mind centred on these three words: Mind, Body and Spirit. Yoga is the perfect balance of these three elements. Their sessions are filled with music and energy with respiration at the centre.

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    From a very young age Samuel was always deeply interested in Hindu and Indian culture and he soon took up Yoga training, starting with Hatha, Asthanga and Vinyasa. At the same time he also studied mediation, sophrology and aromatherapy. He broadened the spectrum of his disciplines during his many travels in India, adding Thai Yoga Massage, ayurvedic medicine, kalaripayattu (Indian martial arts) which he combines with his own personal style of Yod'ha. Samuel approach is based on constant interrogation; his profound curiosity constantly pushes him to go further. He has also written a number of books about personal development and the disciplines that he teaches.

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    After a long career in marketing, Paola decided to leave the stressful corporate world of the health industry to concentrate on her passion, Yoga. She is qualified in Yoga Ashtanga and Yoa Vinyasa; her sessions always involve music and progress in a constant and fluid stream that is centred on respiration. The most important thing for her is to ensure that her pupils leave the session in a serene, calm and reinvigorated state of mind and body. Her secret: careful dosing of intensity in terms of the class, suiting the positions to each individual and above all taking the time to re-centre oneself.

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    Clemence's life was turned upside down by the end of her first Yoga lesson. This was a revelation in its very simplicity which led her to drop everything and dedicate the whole of her life to teaching this form of mediation in movement. She loves sharing the keys to surpassing oneself whilst respecting one's body, sharing her integrated and inspired practice to shatter the fears and obstacles which paralyse us.
    Her mantra: "your potential is unlimited".

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    Adèle discovered Yoga in New York in 2005, since then her passion for this discipline has never left her. After years working in communication and event-management, she discovered Yoga in 2005 and has never turned back. She is qualified in Yoga Alliance and travels often to India to further develop her practice and receive the teachings of great masters. She is very oriented towards personal development and is passionate about ayurvedic medicine, sound therapy and playful techniques for children. Her lessons for both young and old are dynamic, joyful and creative, aiming to share relaxation and joy above all else!

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    Tatiana started as a dancer at a very young age; she discovered Yoga in Liverpool and this opened the doors to a new culture of body and mind, a genuine philosophy of life. She spent a number of months in India, discovering the yogi life style and developing her skills, she also trained in Pilates to further her range of skills. Tatiana loves to teach and share her two passions through her sessions, promoting a genuine art of living.