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    With “ELEMENTS”, Molitor presents the very first solo show of the Dutch artist DOES, in France. This exhibition is an opportunity to discover or rediscover the richness of the artist's work and his new mediums presented exclusively at Molitor.

    It is in the raw beauty of the walls and in the composition of the letters that DOES draws its inspiration. Influenced by the American and European pioneers of graffiti, he has been able to develop his work to achieve a style of his own: an incredible mastery of colors, shapes and textures. Its vibrant lettering stretches so much that it seems to spread its energy on the flamboyant frescoes created by the Dutch artist around the world (Australia, Morocco, Scotland, Mexico, United States, etc.). This work on wall feeds his creations in the studio, such as the “BRIQUE” series which uses the fragments of his first graffiti frozen in resin.

    The relative quietness imposed by the confinement gave the artist free rein to his creativity and guidance to new mediums. From his studio, he discovered new and means to express his lettering, like his collages which bring together hundreds of cut-out pieces in order to recreate the dimension and energy that can be found on his painted canvases.
    Exhibition from June, the 17th to July, the 12th.
    Catalog on demand :

    Don't miss the painted books by DOES during the opening show on Molitor's eshop !
    Very limited edition.

    13 rue Nungesser et Coli
    75016 Paris (France)

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