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Do you want your own cabin?

  • Street Art

    Molitor started a project in 2016 to become the biggest street art gallery with over 80 contempory artists represented !
    The mythic blue cabins of the Winter Pool are not made to change oneself anymore, though you can still feel the soul of 1946's first bikini!
    Jace, Hopare, Katr, Marko93, Shane, Kashink, Astro, Kef!, Jo Di Bona to name a few, have taken over their own cabin and transformed it in a street art work.

    You're a street artist? You've known or heard of Molitor street art temple in the 90/2000s?
    Art never left Molitor!
    If you wish to create your own cabin, feel free to contact us at and tell us about your work!


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