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Villa Molitor

  • With the Villa Molitor art now has its own special meeting place. The Villa Molitor is located in the legendary Rotonde at 2 Avenue de la Porte Molitor, inviting you to explore this partially listed building. It is both a studio for creation and a space for exhibition; all forms of artistic encounters are possible in this exceptional setting.

    The Villa Molitor has a surface area of 200m² spread out over two floors with views overlooking the winter pool and its impressive glass roof, its mission is to receive artists from all over the world, inviting them to come and create or exhibit in-situ works, canvasses, video art or special projects.

    Its ambition is to support creativity but also to provide a space for a genuine exchange between artists and the public. For this, Villa Molitor proposes less formal events such as book signings, round-table meetings or private visits.

  • “Over its 88 years of existence, Molitor has known many different periods, trends and lives that have made it what it is today. Amongst these lives we have chosen to celebrate the freedom and creative force of the artists who have been here, inviting them to join together and exchange once more with their public in a Villa which resembles no other...”

    Thomas Greggory, Managing Director of Molitor.

    “This is neither a swimming pool, nor an art gallery, not even a museum. Here it is all about bringing the past back to life, drawing on the artistic DNA of this unique and slightly crazy place; and at the same time encourage the exploration of new modes of artistic expression. Now, more than ever, the public really wants to be around the artists and see works as they progress, and how they are developed and prepared”

    Magda Danysz, gallery manager, exhibition curator and artistic director of Villa Molitor.

  • Illustration d'artiste exercant leur art
  • Illustration d'artiste exercant leur art
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    Villa Molitor : 2 avenue de la Porte Molitor 75016 Paris

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