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The classes

  • YIN

    Yin yoga is a restorative practice during which the student relaxes and reaches a state of letting go.
    The seated or lying postures are held 5 min each to give the body and the nervous system time to regenerate and rebalance in depth. In this stretch and relaxation of muscles and all cognitive tissues, allow you to enter intensely into a state of meditative inner listening. The body slowly stretches and opens, the nervous system calms down, the mind accepts what happens without trying to control it any more. It's a delicious opportunity to let go of the physical and emotional tension.


    Vinyasa is a Sanskrit term combining two roots: "nysa" which means "to place" and "vi" which means "in a specific way". Vinyasa Yoga is defined as a series of dynamic movements that are initiated and harmonised by the respiration. It is free and creative: no series of measures are imposed. The series of movements are the result of experiences acquired through teaching that can be adapted to suit the needs of each individual.


    Hatha-Yoga is based on series of poses (asana in Sanskrit), it is the most frequently practised yoga discipline in Europe since it is ideal for everyone: beginners and experts alike. The poses are associated with respiration control and concentration; they must be maintained for a specific period of time.